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1) Certifications
In order to provide our customers with excellent quality standards and with the aim to create a more efficient and safe work environment, since 1999 Tecnova adopted the ISO 9001:2008 quality system certification. Since 2004 to fully respect the Automotive business requirements, Tecnova has become ISO-TS 16949:2009 certified as well.

2) Management quality policy
Our goal is to earn reliability and trust wherever we operate, adopting a customer satisfaction and all other partners (employees, suppliers, ownership, community) oriented behavior. In particular, the management pays special attention to:
- provide customers with the satisfaction of the expectations and needs such as quality requirements and on time deliveries.
- guarantee to the staff, as a resource of much value, a safe, healthy and motivating working environment, which can stimulate open communication, personal commitment, sense of belonging and increase competitiveness of products and services.
- ensuring a common path of improvement with suppliers.
- ensuring the property the optimization of economic and financial structure of the company, balancing investments and profitability.
- ensuring the society a responsible and honest behavior meeting the statutory and regulatory applicable requirements.

3) Measurement systems
In accordance to customers’ requirements, specific certified measuring systems for internal inspections are available. All instruments are kept under control through the quality system software.
Some of our measurement systems:
• Digital calipers
• Digital micrometers
• Comparators
• Projector of profiles
• Roughness tester
• Hardness tester
• Roundtester
• Rings and gauges, smooth and threaded

4) Vision systems
Tecnova has adopted two innovative and exclusive inspection systems equipped with cameras and dedicated hardware.

The first one allows us to make and record in-process controls and carry out statistical analysis.

The second support (three devices), the flagship of the production flow, using cameras and pneumatics devices, is dedicated to the 100% final inspection of the bleed screw’s critical characteristics including dimensional controls, holes continuity, absence of chips and burrs.