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After years of experience with many different customers, through italian and international markets, with several different machineries, bleed screws have become our flagship product.

Bleed screw is a safety part that, after oil change operations in the braking system, allows air to exit from the circuit and ensure the correct braking of the vehicle.
Currently, this component represents around 95% of total production.
This product is used on cars, bikes, trucks but also trains, planes, boats, bicycles.

Through the years, productions for shock absorbers, doors and windows, agriculture, constructions and hydraulics have been experienced as well.

Starting from 2006, thanks to a sophisticated centralized software, we are able to monitor the production process:
all machines are connected to a server that automatically manages and records quality controls, maintenance, tool changes and all other activities.

Another device supports the production planning indicating in real time the machine load and saturation.
Statistics are carried out on productivity, deliveries and customer satisfaction.

Any downtime is recorded and analyzed, as well as any type of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
Even raw material, tools and equipments are under control thanks to an inventory data-base.

Tecnova’s production flow is currently organized in three shifts, five days a week, where trained personnel with different and specific tasks alternates machine set-ups, adjustments, quality controls and other highly specialized operations.
Current volumes are around 2.5 million parts per month (~ 30-35 million per year) but the capacity still available makes a gradual growth possible, particularly due to new foreign markets.