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Tecnova first steps were taken with fixed-head single-spindle lathes followed by traditional multi-spindles lathes, which allowed higher production volumes.
Later on, these machines were replaced by others more modern and sophisticated, including CNC lathes.
Thanks to CNC’s new technology Tecnova was allowed to obtain high precision in the execution of the components, easy set-ups and reduced tooling time machine.
Over the past five years, investments have been promoted including the purchase of multi-spindles Mori Say machines.
Currently, our machines can manufacture diameters between 2 mm and 42 mm and consist of:
• 6 Mori Say 6/20
• 3 Schutte SE25
• 3 Schutte SE16
• 1 Biglia 42S2M
• 2 Tornos Deco Basic 13
• 1 Tornos Sigma 20
• 4 Drilling transferts machines