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In addition to the classic AVP steel (11SMnPb37), raw materials that we are able to manufacture include R80, Inox, Brass, Steel 8.8.
In compliance with the environmental principles, we can manufacture unleaded parts in AVZ (11SMn37) as well.
Best practice when machining materials with such different characteristics, we are served by the most famous and reliable cutting tools suppliers, always attentive to new market requirements.
According to customer requirements, we finish our products with outsourcing treatments like surface treatments, heat treatments or heat deburring.

We can assure chrome VI-free treatments, with high resistance in salt spray tests, such as iridescent Zinc Nickel, black Zinc Nickel, Zinc plated type IV, white, Geomet, phosphate, Nickel, electrolytic zinc plating etc.
Most of our suppliers are ISO 9001:2008 certified.
When possible we carry out 2nd part suppliers audit.
Since 2012 Tecnova disposes of a salt spray test chamber machine for coating monitoring.